JDB Asia is a holding company of European and Asian companies that is focused to help small and big companies in their purchases or sales in international trade.

Many difficulties arising from buying countries almost completely unknown, in which we find huge barriers to entry such as customs, different ways of negotiating, language. This has always been a major barrier to doing business with Asia, in addition to the great dispersion of its industrial and commercial centers.

The key to buying products in China / Asia are

  • Import products from China / Asia of high quality.
  • Having a competitive price.
  • Having local and Asian infrastructure.
  • Having a good Guanxi (关系).

What's Guangxi?

Guangxi Chinese word translated as “relationships” or “social connections”, but the concept in Chinese culture is much more sophisticated. Guanxi involves preferential treatment in access to limited resources or restricted information; but with a reciprocal basis to be related to personal favors. That is, that they can help others thinking that you goeth the favor later.

It is for this reason that JDB Asia, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the Asian market, as well as its corporate culture, to advise their clients to get the best benefits that market offer, from the import of finished products, semi-finished products, manufacture of molds, designs and layout of projects … etc.

In order to help companies with their purchases in China and Asia, JDB Asia has designed the following services for imports

Own manufacturing

We manufacture your product in our factories.

Product Sourcing in China

  • Search and selection manufacturer
  • Feasibility study of production in China
  • Calculating actual cost of imports
  • Quality certificates for imports of the product in the destination country


Quality control (not outsource)
QC Inspection Report (link)

Cargo inspection, customs and transport

  • Inspection of goods before boarding.
  • Asia transport to the port of destination.
  • Transport from the port to the customer’s warehouse.
  • Management and customs procedures.
  • Door to Door, comprehensive management of import.

Trading Consulting

Actively help in any aspect of import or export.

Fiscal, financial and accounting advice

  • Financial and accounting services
  • Tax services

Management and implementation of new projects

  • Trade representation office.
  • Joint venture or joint venture.
  • Company with total foreign capital (WFOE).

Translations and interpreters

  • Chinese to English and vice versa.
  • Chinese to Spanish and vice versa.